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Meet Barbara-Ann

Barbara-Ann Yates
Barbara-Ann YatesSpeaker, Author, Coach
Starting out in the working world, I had four career choices: Teacher, nurse, secretary and wife. As a single mother, I worked three jobs and balanced motherhood, jobs and school work; sometimes bringing my son to work and school with me. We share many fond memories of this time.

Transferring from a career in education into engineering was daunting. So, without any knowledge of what to expect, I held my nose and jumped into the deep end of the pool.

In that sink or swim environment, I created a successful career as an information security consultant, advising multi-million-dollar companies and government agencies on the design, management and implementation of high-level, enterprise-wide, information security systems. As an expert in strategic management and team leadership, I built top performing network engineering teams; and as their leader, coached each member of my team to achieve some of the corporation’s highest recognition leading to increased compensation and promotions.

The fundamental strategies use in transitioning and growing my career are in Womaneuvers™ .

Over 30 years of motiviation and leadership building experience.

Some of my highlights

An authentic, purpose-driven leader, Barbara-Ann is a sought-after as a thought-provoking, motivating and energetic keynote speaker. Delivering speaking presentations that often lead to return engagements. Traveling nationally to deliver keynotes and deliver workshops for women professional associations, corporations, women’s network and women in technology conferences and universities. Providing services via the web to private clients in London and Paris.

Barbara-Ann provides group coaching to corporations.  Barbara-Ann unlocks the individual’s inner leader to encourage diverse opinions, bring together teams that are authentic and  to align their goals with the organization.

Corporations are most innovative and leading edge when they encourage diversity.  Barbara-Ann helps organizations to create authentic leaders.

Authored the Go From Scapegoat to Superstar: A Handbook of Career-Transforming Tactics for Businesswomen.

Authored the Womaneuvers Journal.

Giving back: 10% of profits goes towards charity.  Barbara-Ann donates annually to Lesley University, Urban Scholarship Initiative.

Womaneuvers™ addresses common career-advancing challenges encountered by women and minorities in government and private sectors; and gives them the practical and tactical tools to tackle those challenges in advancing their careers into leadership positions and influence.  Barbara-Ann specializes in helping them unlock and unleash their inner leader and achieve empowerment, confidence, career-transformation and advancement.

Throughout her career, she sometimes was the only women leader at the table.  Barbara-Ann delivers the tools she personally used to successfully womaneuver through the male dominated engineering world without and engineering degree.

Barbara-Ann makes YOU the focus.  Your issue, circumstances are front and center.  All tools, techniques and strategies have been personally used by her and are offered for your consideration.

An expert in strategic management and team leadership, Barbara-Ann built top performing network engineering teams. She mastered the art of building authentic, purpose driven leaders to achieve some of the corporation’s highest recognition leading to increased compensation and promotions

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