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Rave Reviews

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“Fantastic! So glad to be here today.  She was funny and energetic.”

Alison Marcotte

Thought provoking!

“Wonderful experience! Full of great information.”

Denise Sherwood, Ambit

Highly informative!

“Fantastic! Packed with wonderful information. Highly recommend.”

Christina Wall,  Work Ready NH

Absolutely Phenomenal!

Great!  Thanks Barbara-Ann!

She Blew Me Away!

You were Fantastic Barbara-Ann Yates! Thank you for being an incredible guest expert. Jo Hausmen VOA

“This is the best program I’ve ever attended.  Very Informative!” Claire C.

“Best time and energy I’ve spent in a very long time … HIGHLY RECOMMEND… see what she can uncover for you !!!!!” Judy K.

“Barbara-Ann’s dynamic and caring personality always shines through. Her sound, reasonable and on point advice is spot on.” – Laurie H.

“Thank you for presenting at the SWN meeting. I heard from several members that you were the best speaker we have ever had!  You did an excellent job and made such a connection with members. I especially liked how you related the recognition of our strengths back to networking and how it can help us improve and grow our incomes!”  Heather Brountas, SWN President

“The Esteem and Power session offered to students at the Urban Scholars Initiative Summer Transition Week At Lesley University was nothing short of inspiring.  Barbara-Ann Yates is a dynamic speaker who is easy to connect with.  She not only delivered an informative presentation, she embodied all that she was impressing upon the students.  She was relatable and helped student unlock their own-self-confidence.  Students mentioned her session as a highlight of their intensive week.  We would love to have Barbara-Ann Yates join us next summer as well. ” Maritsa Barros, Lesley University.